Jesus came, not to win minds by clever arguments,

but to win and change hearts by His example, His love and His selfless sacrifice

It’s amazing just how often we use the word ‘heart’. Did you know for example that it occurs some thousand times in the Bible depending on the translation used and more times than the word 'love'?  The dictionary describes the heart as the centre, the essence of something and also as the seat of the emotions, will and desire.   Western culture, because of its Enlightenment and Industrial roots, tends to put a low value on things of the heart preferring to give more weight to things of the head such as reasoned, rational thinking.

A dictionary definition of the word ‘sense’ is to make sense of something, to understand and also to perceive, to be aware of, to be conscious of and to feel.

The subtle blend of meaning of the term  ‘Heartsense’ therefore combines these two elements to suggest a greater awareness of and sensitivity to things of the heart.

For Christians this is important because Christianity is more of a relationship than a religion and that relationship is forged between the hearts of man and the Heart of God seen in Jesus Christ.         

Over the years Kingserve has been involved in what might be described as hand, head and heart servant ministry - practical work, administrative and training work and latterly, what might be described as things of the heart.    In essence, Heartsense is a term to understand that our humanity is centred on things of the heart and, from a Christian perspective that...

What does it mean?

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