“What is truth?”  Pilate asked Jesus shortly before His crucifixion. Jesus gave no  answer to Pilate but during His ministry He said that He was 'the way, the truth and the life'.  Why should anyone believe this?  Indeed, where do our beliefs come from?   This is important because our beliefs almost define who we are and certainly they decide how we live our lives and relate to others.  There is, alas, no simple answer. Some of our beliefs we absorb subconsciously from the culture in which we live. Some are passed on from our parents, some we acquire as we move through life wrestling with the issues which confront us as we constantly try to make sense of the world.

Western people like to think their beliefs are logical and reasoned but an honest inward look would suggest that many are not.  We have our prejudices, our gut feelings, and some of the largest decisions we make, such as choosing our spouse, are far from reasoned decisions but are led by the heart. We think our beliefs are reasoned in our heads, but in fact many arise from the heart.  All is well and good when head and heart beliefs concur, but tensions arise when they do not such as when belonging to a particular group or profession demands head beliefs the heart cannot accept.

Heartsense is about understanding where our beliefs come from and how we live by these beliefs, which on the spiritual level leads to a major decision we all have to make..

What does your heart believe?

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